Pitmans College
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Archaeological find under the old school huts
Work has recently begun on the site of the old huts to build a new twelve screen cinema. Needless to say, the owners of the Forum are very concerned.

Having demolished the existing building and commenced excavations, a number of items were recovered from what is believed to be a location coinciding with the Locker Room room attached to the former huts.

The items are clearly possessions that belonged to Pitmans students, and therefore would have been purchased around 1957 - 59. They provide a fascinating insight into Pitmans College life in the late Fifties.

Please tick agreement to the following conditions before viewing the items.

I am over 55 years old and have an unacceptable sense of humour

I am not of a nervous disposition or easily shocked (Thanks to Pitmans)

I promise not to expose the owners of these items (if known)

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